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Types of Dogs Training at Home / macklatestupdate

Basic Training For your Dog at Home / macklatestupdate

macklatestupdate : Two basic training for your dog at home:

credit to : Ketan Mukherjee
In this discussion, I will explain the types of dogs training. There are two types of basic training for dogs, I said  "basic" because it is one of those important things for a dog to learn first.If you say basic it is the starting point  of all those of all things. So by these 2 kinds of basic training, you are leading your dog to know more about their lives and how to become a better dog. And i'm sure that you can benefit on it. 
It is important for a dog or puppy to be trained well. By training you are making your dog different from other. Your dog will become not annoying one. and you will also discover that a simple dog can learn more if there's only a proper training, and basic training is one of it. A training also can make your dog healthy and will know those things about good and bad.
So here we are, as you can see all dogs are having different kinds of behavior,there are dogs that are quite, just on the sides, also there are so active dogs that sometimes looks so annoying on us. I give you the word behavior because the first thing that we have to tackle is about the behavioral attitude of your dog / puppy.

Behavioral training is most likely about the attitude of the dogs, on how a stupid  dog  became a nice one. A training example, is always to correct your dog when they act unacceptable behavior such as biting, nipping and unwanted po-po anywhere. A punishment must always be there, but a punishment must always be done in a nice way, like example not to play or interact with it for a moment of time. By doing this every time they get stupid, a dog will realize that they done something wrong. And soon the dog will know about right from wrong. And always tell your dog bad and very good, for the dog to understand what they did.

Next will be the Obedience training so it is from word "obey". 

Obedience training is all about on how your dog obey you. This training are always happen, every time of your life. even you don't notice it. Sometimes a simple command like example "get out" are one best example. But that is not the only thing, a dog must always remember a command words, just like sit, jump, climb, stand and etc.... So by frequently doing that command, a dog will learn and will know on how action will be done on every command.  But be patient dog will not learn those kind of commands suddenly, you need a lot of time for a dog to learn those kinds of simple commands.
Also always get the dog attention every time you give a command, for a dog to know that you are saying a command words. 

Tips on training Time for a Dog: It is much better to have training session every before meal time. Meal will be good example for a reward.






Here the blog is informative for the people who does not want to pay for dog professional trainer. At home people may trained their dogs.
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