Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kabang Dog Latest Update / macklatestupdate

Latest About Kabang Dog
The Dog From Zamboanga City, Philippines

Latest Update of Kabang Dog

Instant Celebrity : The words that describes Kabang from our Latest news.

Here we are, I just want to get the latest update of our latest Hero, which saves two children including the nephew and grand child of Kabangs Master. Kabang is Dog from Zamboanga City Philippines, His master is Rudy Banngal.  read more about the full story of kabang.....

After a series of news and updates about Kabang. Instantly Kabang became popular not only in their place also all over the Philippines. Many people now are coming see its situation after saving happened. Also TV news, news paper, even the radio stations are going there to see and to have more information and updating Kabang. Also in social network, just like tweeter, and even Facebook, Kabang is also talk about. Some of then are looking for someone to help for Kabang.

Kabang latest update: Treatment

 It is now on stage of treating its wound, Kabang was visited by some veterinarian and bring on their center to treat its wound. Dr Charles Oller, Kabang doctor, said that they put some medicine like anti tetanus, antibiotic and some pain reliever so that the wound will heal faster, and will not have some complications. Also the Dr. said that  if the wound will not treated well it may lead for her to death because the wound is open and near on its brain, it may affect its brain function if complication happen. Dr also advise Rudy Banggal to bring back Kabang on thier center so they can update the latest medicine and to see its health...

Now Kabang is on their house still doing great. Hoping to heal its wound faster....


Oh no, what did they do to Kabang! I hope the doggie is ok now...

Amazing dog! Teary when I heard about the news! >.<

Nothing to worry Kabang is nagpapagaling nah,, =)

nice blog! please keep updating your blog for this wonderful dog! thanks

tnx for your comment,, yes, just follow my blog,, for all updates about this hero dog (aso)....

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