Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Biggest Pacific BlueFin Tuna Fish Ever Caught / macklatestupdate

Angler's 738-pound Pacific BlueFin Tuna Fish ( macklatestupdate )

A new record holder Pacific Bluefin tuna is said to be the biggest tuna ever landed on rod and reel. Angler Natan Adams describe to be " fish of lifetime ". Angler Natan Adams was a member of the Muriwai Sportfishing Club and the one who caught the fish.
Credit to: Pete Thomas, GrindTv
A latest update was all about the biggest fish caught with an 18 foot boat during recent competition off Hourora in New Zealand. The 738 - pounds fish is now waiting its title to be the biggest Pacific Tuna Bluefin caught replacing the 716 pounds Pacific Tuna Bleufin which landed off Wesport New Zealand, last 2007 in which will be rewarded by the International Game fish ass.. (IGFA)
According to International Game Fish Ass ( IGFA ) that Adams may will be the new record holder, It is because since Adam is still on the competition and complying all the rules, it is not hard for Adam to get the new record. But the IGFA will still in need of weeks for the records submission.
Adam is one of the best fisherman, according to the record Adam also caught a 788 pound black marlin.





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