Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Actual Frozen Dolls / macklatestupdate

This is the latest update of the actual Frozen Doll. Maybe all of you already watch frozen movie. Frozen was one of the most latest update trending cartoon movie. It is the latest famous movie that still trends on the social media. My niece always talking about it and I cant relate on it. I know that it was story about that whatever she touch it became frozen but I really dont know the cast or even their faces. I know that it is a cartoon movie and the only cast that I know was Elza and i dont know if what is her role on that movie. I just know her because of my niece story. So one time this christmas I go to the mall to find something for my niece and I know that she really dying to have frozen dolls. So because I dont know it I try to ask some sales lady where can I find it. Oh at last I see you I silently said to my self. LOL ... If only I dont ask for a help maybe I bought something wrong item just like different dolls or image. 

Just like this latest update video that trends. Her little princes want a frozen dolls I dont know he just only kidding in giving the actual frozen dolls as in an ice dolls but one thing is for sure it is not the real frozen dolls that the princess want. 

Hero Monkey Save its Electrocuted Mate / macklatestupdate

Latest update that we are in need of super hero now. If you can hear on everyday news, many accident,killing, robbery, rapes and etc. Know what there is a hero in India. Latest update news came last Dec. 21 in Kanpur India which hero came, but take note it is not superman or superwoman it is "super monkey". Yes it is monkey that saves the life of its mate. 

It was an accident when its fellow mate electrocuted while walking on the high-voltage railway on the train station. The victim unconsciously fell down on the side and as the hero monkey saw the incident, it hurriedly came to rescue. Now the hero monkey perform the first aid, but it is not as usual first aid, it is maybe the monkey way in doing first aid. Rubbing, Jumping, Patting and putting it on the water made the electrocuted monkey survive what a great monkey first aid. 

Many train passengers take a photos and videos on this hero monkey. And that means this latest update hero monkey came in to viral in social media. 


Cobra and the Puppies on the well




Monday, December 29, 2014

Feeling Ignored Because of Phone / macklatestupdate

Its been a while when we were young in which there just between the two of you. You can share thoughts with each other and do comfortable things in which only the two of you knows.

Sometimes her/ his eyes are always loving seeing you. Always regret that she / he didn't see your most memorable experience just like winning on the race, winning on some other school activities or just simple the first time that you got a boyfriend. When you are at the time of success you always want that he/she must be the first to know. But after a while, years later many things change. The closeness was change. You may feel being ignored, he/she always dying to update his/her status on smart phone social media and ignoring the closeness that you have.
Many friendship was change when time that technologies came. And maybe you dont see it that it is also happening in your group of friends or maybe you just dont recognize it.
Lets start with phone. Phone is the most usable technology as of high-tech world, even a grade students are already have it. Actually phones are created to make our life much better. By means of phone we can communicate your families, friends and people around you. And some of the smart phones / iphone you can now socialize with the people in an online world. So good right?

But sometimes we use our smart phone not in a smart way. Sometimes before sleeping we check our phone but we dont try to say good night on our wife or on our children. We check updates on your account but we never check the school of our children or how are they. 

Many times phones can ignore your true friends, sometimes while we are on our in party, you are kill-joy because you are not participating on the  party. There are also times while watching movies with your friends or girlfriends / boyfriends your friends was enjoying the movie but in your side dont ever understand the story.

One of my best experience of this while we are doing in our band practice one of our bandmate always updating his phone. And something bothering him everytime he got text. So he got always a wrong chords. My friend the band leader rebuked him and said that if you still doing that again and again you will be out of the band. Oh how sad right? being a band member practice must always be the priority. You can do text everytime but, we are just doing practice ones a week so everybody must pay attention because in music there is no room for mistakes. It is right that we must be responsible of owning gadgets.

The above video showing us if we only misused our phone can lead us to destruction.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Elephant Lullaby / macklatestupdate

credit to: saveelephant

Elephant Lullaby have you heard that? Lek an elephant master was made her Lullaby video to show that even animals know that its bed time.

 Sangduen “Lek” Chailert was born from northern Thailand. Her advocacy in loving this big elephant was started when her grandfather a "traditional doctor" got an elephant from his patient as a payment for saving his life from illness. This was a baby elephant and they named it "Tongkum" which is means "Golden One"

In this Video an Elephant Lullaby that  Lek show us. By this simple video Lek is telling us how to love such big animals like elephant. Lek was showing us that we can also interact with this big animals that an elephant can also feel and understand what we want.

Know what, I've watch this video, even she don't say anything but just hymn I can feel that shes saying that "all animals are gift from above. so you have to treasure it. Loving an animals such like this is such a blessing to all of us". 

Lek is still fighting for those greedy abusers of elephant. As I've remember in Philippines Ton of elephants Ivory was caught of Philippines police. According on what I've heared that it is almost 2 tons that came from africa. This is already disgusting to all of us, Let us all open our eyes that this lovely creature must be protected.

Watch how Lek sing Lullaby on her Lovely Elephant

Maybe some are asking why is that Lek waving her scarf while singing the Lullaby. According of what i've experience, The house of an animals always have many insects such as Flies and etc. so for me that means that insects might disturb the elephant so Lek waving her scarf so that she can driven away the insects.

Let Us support Lek in loving not only Elephants but also different species. 

Hero Monkey save its Electrocuted Mate




Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Latest Update Ebola Survivor Deliver a Christmas Message on Air

William Pooley Ebola Survivor Christmas Message

Credit to: Andrew Matthews—PA Wire/AP

As Ebola the latest Virus still doing a great destruction in Africa. William Pooley a British nurse which contacted with Ebola during his service in Sierra Leone will deliver a speech on air. As we remember William was been airlifted a after he feel something about his self that he was infected with the virus. Pooley was bring to UK to cure and for treatment. And after he survive this Ebola Virus he decided to be back again in Sierra Leone to help and to serve other people which had been affected in Ebola Virus.

William Pooley was invited to have an on-air message this Christmas. According on some source William Pooley was trying to have message about the awareness of the entire world about the Ebola Virus. EbolaVirus is one of the latest problem that the world must solved it.

According to William Pooley as he was experienced about this Ebola Virus it was not just like some simple sickness, it is such a virus that can affect not only you, your families but also on your communities. 

William Pooley said that lets have to think for just a few minutes to think on how can we solve this worldwide problem. Lets help each other to help the entire world to protect us from this devastating Virus. 

Williams message will appear on British Channel this Christmas as an alternative of Queen Elizabeth II's annual speech message since 1993.


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Iphone Latest Drop Test from Iphone 2G to Iphone 6 Plus

Latest Update, Iphone 2G to Iphone 6 plus Drop test

Knowing that Iphone is the latest best phone. Every latest updates of Iphone was been awaited by many people. Iphone always looking for their best to updates their latest products that can satisfy their buyers or costumer. But do you really want to know the stability and durability of this Iphone? Here are some test video in which they do a side drop and front drop test. 
Do you want to know the results? Getting excited to know how durable was your phone when it suddenly or accidentally you drop it on an hard surface or we say on an concrete surface?
So here are the latest Update Video in the said test, the side drop test and the front drop test. This video was for us to learn on what will happen on our Iphone when we accidentally drop it so that we can take care of it in all times. Knowing that Iphones are too expensive.

After watching it, the Iphone really prove that it can survive in an any simple drop test. We can really trust the stability of their software. The iphone still operates after a series of test and take note there is no even one of iphone didnt work after the test. And it is very impressive, knowing that dropping can harm on any harware and software of any electronics product. But Iphone survive it. 
The only one thing that this video tell on an Apple company was to have an improvement on the glass side of LCD because all iphone glass was broken every time doing the front drop test. 

We can also see the how can apple Iphone 6 survive in an bend test... 



Iphone 6 PlusLatest Update Bendable or Not

Latest Update Iphone 6 and 6plus Bendable or not?

Latest update of Apple Company was all about latest Iphone 6 plus claiming that it is a bendable one.Because it is latest probably people say that it is one biggest update of   an apple in which a phone are now futuristic that it is now bendable, so by means of that latest update it is more safer by putting it in our skinny jeans pocket. But some of us wants to know about the truth if this latest update of Iphone 6 plus really true.
So by means of curiosity many viral videos proving that it is true and some are proving that it is not bendable. So, inorder to know the truth two teenage guy come into licence Apple Store, take Note it is really an apple store according with this two guys. So as you can see it on the videos that it is really hard to bend, but after several try the case on the lcd part of an Apple 6 had been crack and was separated from the case as they bend the Iphone 6 plus. Here is the videos about this two curious teenage guy watch the video below,

But still apple prove that it is really bendable, actually before releasing this iphone 6 and 6 plus they invited journalist to check their almost 15,000 iphone on how really true it is. They do different tests, such as stress test and putting it in up to 25kls weights, also they do test on an varying temperature. They also pressed it on the middle of the LCD and those entire test was a success to an iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus. The wall street Journal, Recode and the Verge prove it that this latest updates of an Apple company is really very good.
So the trusted company such as apple really said the truth, maybe those iphone in which many videos are proving that it is not bendable, they used a clone iphone 6 or 6 plus reason that for only simple force applied on it, the phone cracked already. As of now those clone phones are really hard to identify if you don’t watch their application inside. So we really can’t judge the reality about it unless we buy the original iphone 6 and 6 plus and prove it by ourselves.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Serena Onasis Information

Serena Onasis More Videos

Serena Onasis a 14 year old girl from Indonesia, Serena Onasis update olso join on a latest Big TV singing contest the Idola Indosia 2014,

She also have different music videos like:


Say You Love Me


and many more to mention, but the most latest viral as of now is the updated song from Mariah Carey in which she sing the song 4 octave higher than the original Version of  Mariah Carey.

Read more about Serena Onasis O holy night video...

Serena Onasis Holy Night Version 4 Octave Higher than Mariah Carey

SERENA Onasis Holy Night Version

credit to: dailypostal

Oh Holy Night the latest update Version of Serena Onasis is very impressive, knowing that a young lady can sing that song 4 octave higher than Mariah Carey Version. Her latest Version is such unique that she made some twist on some part of the song mostly on the higher notes. And she make it more higher, it is seems 4 octave notes higher that the original version of Mariah Carey. 

That incredible voice was made here so popular. Her Video was been Top on Global trending sites and it is almost 20,000 local views as of today, locally in the Philippines. 
It is always true that Asian ( Filipinos ) are really very good in singing.

But some commentators appeal about the title of the video which is just like comparing from a big star Mariah Carey, The title was telling that it is more higher version than Maria Carey Version. So the commentators said that "even she can sing higher than Mariah Carey she cant still overridden the Star" In which it is true, for me it is not all about how high pitch you can sing, for me it is all about how can you attract your audience which they can feel it while you are singing. and it is also includes on the star factor of an artist because an audience really can feel it that even they just standing on the stage they can attract audience or Fans, or shall we say you can catch their attention. Also the experience are still the best teacher in the world.

But also let us not neglect that we really not to judge Serena because she only sing for us not for competitions.

Here are Serena's Video Oh Holy Night:

Serenas High Notes are Very Impressive, and also while watching, You can see that she was enjoying the song, she knows how to control her voice up to the high notes which is not painful to your ears.

Serena was trained by Lucky Tampilang using the "Musle Coordinating Method" and by doing this method it can widen your voice from lower part to higher parts of notes.

Nice Song Serena and Keep it Up....


Saturday, December 20, 2014

Kabang latest HAPPILY PLAYING with Her Toy

Kabang Latest Happily Playing with her Toy

Kabang As an animal she may not know and understand of how important her existence. She even dont know that shes different from other dog that its face is now different or she is now a disabled dog. The good things about an animals is that even how hard the situation she dont care it, their life dont end on whatever bad thing happen but beside she is now enjoying its life just like a video if you can see below, Kabang is enjoying while playing her toy.

If you can see even she cant grip her toy but she is still loving of doing these, a happy dog is what can you see in her, According on some articles that I've read you can see a healthy dog if they are playing and if they are active and do an interactive with their master and also from people surround them.



Cobra and the Puppies on the well




Friday, December 19, 2014

Devil Baby Suddenly in New York City

Devil Baby Suddenly in New York City

credit to: Dailypostal

Have you ever seen a baby crying on a street? Thinking that it was being abandoned or left by its parents because it was already crying and no parents are taking care of it? Now be aware that before you watch on a crying baby, think first that maybe it was a prank that while trying to help baby it will turn to an “DEVIL BABY” with a scary voice and face.

Just like on a viral video that scares people in New York City. A remote controlled baby with a devil looks is inside the stroller and being controlled by Thinkmodo group. An animated Devil Baby have character that can cry just like a baby, headbang, vomiting and sounds like a demon, baby sound like a possessed person needing people to be afraid when it suddenly stand over you while you are trying to help a sweet baby crying.

By doing this prank the most important to see is the first second reaction when suddenly a Devil Baby comes. You will see the different reaction of every individual in this very rare case, how they approach when a situation came.

A prank video was created by Thinkmodo, and “Michael Krivicka” the leader of the group says in a yahoo news that he created this video to see how many people still care on an abandoned child on a street. And also it was a promotion in a film titled “Devil’s Due”

Thinkmodo also created different prank videos for a promotion of several business some of their videos are Exorcism Prank, Telekenitic Coffee Shop Surprise and etc....






Thursday, December 18, 2014

Derby the Dog Got its New Feet

Derby the Dog Got its New Feet


Derby was born physically unusual, he was disabled since birth, and its front feet were short and couldn’t walk properly. He can’t walk on some hard surface and get wound sometimes if he walks on a concrete surface. A heartily love feels with Dara when she saw Derby with a lonely face. A she make a decision that she will help Derby to walk again as usual, so that he can be just like the other dog.

Tara Anderson was based on south Carolina and work there in 3D Printing and manufacturing company. Tara saw the Derby in an animal rescue organization, and she cry every time she heard and saw it. And because of that Tara decided and say Yes I have to help this dog and she adopted.

At first she try to have two wheels on the front of Derby just like doing a wheel chair, but apparently the Tara see that Terby is not comfortable as usual dog. So Tara ask Derick Campano for an animal prosthetic expert and they come up with a new design. Because Tara is working on a 3D company she design by the use of 3D and it make them much easier to do.

Derick Campano said that having 3D design is a Lot quicker than having a hand sculp design. So as you can see in the picture the one that having a wheel on the front is the 1st design that Tara made but they are not happy about it, and they are satisfied second design because it is much comfortable for Terby that he can now jump as like a dog, and can run fast.

And they can walk with his master Dom, husband of Tara miles every day. The do jogging and Terby now is a very active dog. You can see now its enjoyment which he can now walk by the use of a 
prosthetic new feets.





Kabang Drawn By Rameer Tawasil

Kabang Drawn By Rameer Tawasil

Kabang another latest update was with Rameer Tawasil. It is so great to be acknowledge by a very known artist Rameer Tawasil. Rameer Tawasil is an artist that promote peace in not only in mindanao but also in whole world.

Rameer maybe see some potential with this number one heroicanimal. He might see that dog also deserve to be acknowldge in all over the world. Kabang is the number 1 heroic animals now we can see that even such popular artist acknowledge her to be his model. 
As you can see Kabang is very good and so nice while being a model and drawn by Rameer.

credit to: Anton Mari H. Lim

credit to: Anton Mari H. Lim

credit to: Anton Mari H. Lim





Monday, December 15, 2014

KABANG is the Number 1 /macklatestupdate

Kabang Is the Number 1

TOP 10 Heroic Animals

credit to therichest

Kabang you’re the number 1. She beats some other heroic animals like Gorilla Benti Jua, Katrina the Dog, Mila the whale, A pod of dolphin, Roselle the dog, A Cat name Tara,Belle also a dog, Unshkin a cat, and the last Toby a dog.

#10 Tody 

Tody is a dog that help its master when Debbie Pakhurst from Calvert is eating an apple apparently when she was eating in the front of Tody, somewhat happen that while she was eating suddenly she got choke with a piece of an apple. She tries bang her chest but unfortunately she failed to help herself. But Tody is a brave dog that love its master, when Tody felt that her master was in very critical condition and saw its master falling on the ground Tody began to jump up on the masters chest again and again until  such time a piece of an apple dislodge.

#9 Unshkins

Choyce a disabled owner of Unshkins a cat,He was working on its laptop outside the house a two men driving with a car stop and attempt to get his laptop while the other one is keep on ponching him. Unshkins saw that the master was in danger he begun to fight with the snatcher, a cat scratch their face and giving a chance Choyce to punch a snatcher larynx.  This was happened last 2007.

#8 Bell

Last 2006, a dog named belle catch the people in Florida. Bell is a trained dog to rescue its master if there is something wrong. At that time, Weaver is Bell master is suffering diabetes and is prone to seizures. One day Weaver blood sugar dropped dangerously. Bell automatically dials 911 asking for an emergency help.

#7 Tara 

From a CCTV caught how Tara helped the little. A little boy named Jeremy Triantafilo was playing outside when suddenly a neighbour’s dog run up and bite him on the legs drag him to the ground. Tara with a heroic mind, begun to run after the dog chasing it and trying to stop the dog, until the dog loosen the grip from the little boy leg. The said video begun to spread on youtube.

#6 Roselle

Remember the 7th 11 attack? Don’t you know that there was a dog named Roselle done such heroic act because of saving its master and several people in twin tower? Michael Hingson is a blind since birth he was trapped together with other business man around. While everyone panicked, Michael was kept calm by his guide dog Roselle, by leading him down stairs of the collapsing building till they came out together with some other people following them.

#5 A pod of Dolphine

Have you ever remembered a story from the bible that a big fish save a man, it is almost like in this story, when a fisherman goes to the sea of Puerto Princessa City Philippines for fishing.  While he was in the oceans unfortunately the ship begun to sink. A man is named Ronnie Dabal, was trying to save his self by holding such a Styrofoam board. After several hours while he is floating in the middle of the sea he begun to lose consciousness and begun to close his eyes. On that time a pod of dolphin encircle him and guide to shore, Dabal think that his just hallucinating but he prove that it is true because he was never totally out of concios.

 #4 Mila

Story that very heart whelming, Yang Yun was applying to be a Polar Land Aquarium Harbin last 2009 in China. When she was swimming after a several minutes, she felt a crumps on her leg, and begun to sink. Mila the dolphin felt that Yang needs help. Suddenly Mila gripped her legs and bring her to the shore.

#3 Katrina

It was 2005 when an during a disaster of hurricane, a man was rescued by the dog telling that at the time when a water is rising the dog came and pulled him to the higher place. After the man story heard, and spread to the news, a team returned to the place and successfully rescued Katrina.

#2 Binti Jua

At Brooklyn Zoo Last 1996, while a three years old child away from his mother, he climbed over the Gorillas barrier and fell for almost 30ft into the ape pit, and knocking his self unconscious, Gorilla Binti Jua picked up the child and gently bring it to the zoo keepers.

#1 Kabang

And the most awaited is the Dog came from Philippines, a dog that sacrifices its life just to bring safety. Kabang was sniffed off its nose when saving its master on an incoming accident.