Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Iphone Latest Drop Test from Iphone 2G to Iphone 6 Plus

Latest Update, Iphone 2G to Iphone 6 plus Drop test

Knowing that Iphone is the latest best phone. Every latest updates of Iphone was been awaited by many people. Iphone always looking for their best to updates their latest products that can satisfy their buyers or costumer. But do you really want to know the stability and durability of this Iphone? Here are some test video in which they do a side drop and front drop test. 
Do you want to know the results? Getting excited to know how durable was your phone when it suddenly or accidentally you drop it on an hard surface or we say on an concrete surface?
So here are the latest Update Video in the said test, the side drop test and the front drop test. This video was for us to learn on what will happen on our Iphone when we accidentally drop it so that we can take care of it in all times. Knowing that Iphones are too expensive.

After watching it, the Iphone really prove that it can survive in an any simple drop test. We can really trust the stability of their software. The iphone still operates after a series of test and take note there is no even one of iphone didnt work after the test. And it is very impressive, knowing that dropping can harm on any harware and software of any electronics product. But Iphone survive it. 
The only one thing that this video tell on an Apple company was to have an improvement on the glass side of LCD because all iphone glass was broken every time doing the front drop test. 

We can also see the how can apple Iphone 6 survive in an bend test... 




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