Monday, December 29, 2014

Feeling Ignored Because of Phone / macklatestupdate

Its been a while when we were young in which there just between the two of you. You can share thoughts with each other and do comfortable things in which only the two of you knows.

Sometimes her/ his eyes are always loving seeing you. Always regret that she / he didn't see your most memorable experience just like winning on the race, winning on some other school activities or just simple the first time that you got a boyfriend. When you are at the time of success you always want that he/she must be the first to know. But after a while, years later many things change. The closeness was change. You may feel being ignored, he/she always dying to update his/her status on smart phone social media and ignoring the closeness that you have.
Many friendship was change when time that technologies came. And maybe you dont see it that it is also happening in your group of friends or maybe you just dont recognize it.
Lets start with phone. Phone is the most usable technology as of high-tech world, even a grade students are already have it. Actually phones are created to make our life much better. By means of phone we can communicate your families, friends and people around you. And some of the smart phones / iphone you can now socialize with the people in an online world. So good right?

But sometimes we use our smart phone not in a smart way. Sometimes before sleeping we check our phone but we dont try to say good night on our wife or on our children. We check updates on your account but we never check the school of our children or how are they. 

Many times phones can ignore your true friends, sometimes while we are on our in party, you are kill-joy because you are not participating on the  party. There are also times while watching movies with your friends or girlfriends / boyfriends your friends was enjoying the movie but in your side dont ever understand the story.

One of my best experience of this while we are doing in our band practice one of our bandmate always updating his phone. And something bothering him everytime he got text. So he got always a wrong chords. My friend the band leader rebuked him and said that if you still doing that again and again you will be out of the band. Oh how sad right? being a band member practice must always be the priority. You can do text everytime but, we are just doing practice ones a week so everybody must pay attention because in music there is no room for mistakes. It is right that we must be responsible of owning gadgets.

The above video showing us if we only misused our phone can lead us to destruction.


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