Sunday, December 21, 2014

Serena Onasis Holy Night Version 4 Octave Higher than Mariah Carey

SERENA Onasis Holy Night Version

credit to: dailypostal

Oh Holy Night the latest update Version of Serena Onasis is very impressive, knowing that a young lady can sing that song 4 octave higher than Mariah Carey Version. Her latest Version is such unique that she made some twist on some part of the song mostly on the higher notes. And she make it more higher, it is seems 4 octave notes higher that the original version of Mariah Carey. 

That incredible voice was made here so popular. Her Video was been Top on Global trending sites and it is almost 20,000 local views as of today, locally in the Philippines. 
It is always true that Asian ( Filipinos ) are really very good in singing.

But some commentators appeal about the title of the video which is just like comparing from a big star Mariah Carey, The title was telling that it is more higher version than Maria Carey Version. So the commentators said that "even she can sing higher than Mariah Carey she cant still overridden the Star" In which it is true, for me it is not all about how high pitch you can sing, for me it is all about how can you attract your audience which they can feel it while you are singing. and it is also includes on the star factor of an artist because an audience really can feel it that even they just standing on the stage they can attract audience or Fans, or shall we say you can catch their attention. Also the experience are still the best teacher in the world.

But also let us not neglect that we really not to judge Serena because she only sing for us not for competitions.

Here are Serena's Video Oh Holy Night:

Serenas High Notes are Very Impressive, and also while watching, You can see that she was enjoying the song, she knows how to control her voice up to the high notes which is not painful to your ears.

Serena was trained by Lucky Tampilang using the "Musle Coordinating Method" and by doing this method it can widen your voice from lower part to higher parts of notes.

Nice Song Serena and Keep it Up....



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