Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hero Dog Kabang Is 1 Month Pregnant / Kid Talk About how Kabang Saves their Lives/ macklatestupdate

Kabang is Pregnant and Testimony of a Kid / macklatestupdate

Last days as you can read my posts, about the latest about Kabang " the Dog which saves 2 lives" reason to chipped its face. Yesterday another news on which a kids talk about on how Kabang saves their lives. The grade 2 student named Dina, was so thankful of what happened and we also found out that shes really the one who feed the dog since it was a puppy.

Dina said from the news that " When Princess and I trying to cross the road, we didn't notice that a fast tricycle was on our way, then suddenly Kabang came and jump pushing Us away from tricycle reason for Kabang to be hit by a tricycle instead of Us.". Princess is Dinas' cousin. 
Dina was so close with Kabang and made her worry on what happen. Also she said that her Life was credit to Kabang and shes very thankful for having this kind of hero dog. Also she said that it is maybe the way of Kabang thanks, it is because she was the one feeding the Hero dog since it was puppy.
The PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center frightened on what happened on Kabang,  it is because Kabang now is expecting baby and 1 month pregnant  and it was confirmed by PAWS-PARC Administrative Officer ( Charlene Laxamana ), Charlene said that "we have to wait the advise of Kabangs Doctor on what they will suggest to do and if kabang can handle its pregnancy or if its healthy enough to do such kind of labor".



aww..very inspirational post :))

tnx,, hope maging lesson... =)

Wow that dog (Kabang) is so amazing and lovable, they're really a man's best friend.

I love dogs and it really breaks my heart everytime I see something like this that's happening to them. Kabang is a hero. I just hope, he will get through this. Thanks for sharing! Cheers!

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