Sunday, February 26, 2012

Best Thing About Having Pet Dog / macklatestupdate

Helps of Your Pet Dogs / macklatestupdate

credit to : Ketan Mukherjee
Have you consider having dog to be the one of the best thing of our lives? Or did you know that a simple dog can make our lives colorful one. It is sometimes annoying to have a pet dog, more likely when their po-po are scattered on your backyard, or much more inside your house. A feeling insane when they did such foolish things, just like biting your original slippers, or such things that are important to you they broke it. Well that is one of many reasons for a dog master to hate their Pet dog. But have you ever imagine that your dog can also make you smile, and also can give you a better health? Let us always remember that if you only train your dog or your pet well, it can be lovely and find it helpful to your life.
A study came that a dog can help you doing exercise and can make a lot of interaction even you don't notice it. A dog owner sometimes really need to go out, and have to play with the dog instead of staying in their house. One of the best example if you have such heart disease or high cholesterol by means of walking and have more interaction with your Pet dog. It can burn more fats and lower your cholesterol. Playing with your dog and getting you smile, it can make your thousands of muscle exercise.
In an instance, you can train your dog for such emergency. Example when a fire outbreak or such natural disaster come. A simple dog can give you such signal, like for example pushing some emergency buttons of alarm that will make you awake when you are sleeping.
And the best thing about dog, after your works, and you feel so tired, when you see your lovely dogs or pets and play with it, you can release stress and also can keep you calm..
Last days from Philippines, one of the heroic did of such dog happened, when a Dog named Kabang saves the nephew and grandchilds of its master from vehicular accident..



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