Thursday, February 16, 2012

Casimero Vs Lazarte / macklatestupdate

Argentinian Must be Shame / macklatestupdate

Have you ever imagine a RIOT on boxing ring? Many boxing fan made to shit when they watch this kind of boxing. 
 A boxing is a Good example of sportsmanship because the 2 warriors must play the game with a fair fight. If you can see the fight of todays greatest boxer Manny " pacman " Pacqiao as he beat different Chamipions in the ring, Pacman Plays' the game fair. And that was one of the best example of sportsmanship and also the Mexican accept that they really lost the game. But Argentinaians instead of being sports, they made a RIOT
and made their self unprofessional. 
What will be the future of boxing society if this kind of boxing headache will happen always. What will be the security of our boxer? As we can see it is world fight and not only a small fight, There was a belt on it, so the management or the promoter must always anticipate the things to happen, most of all the security and even the medical of the boxer.
Now another time that Filipinos really a great fighter, Casimero never fight on those audience that punch him, even though he can. But instead to fight he prefer not to do it because he knows that a great fighter will not fight on that kind of war. 

A great warrior Knows Where to Put His courage.

As a boxing fan, I am expecting an action from boxing society, Argentinian Government and also from Phillipine government to solve this issue and Let those who join the RIOT shall be punish according to the Law. Be ashame that even the camp of Lazarte also join the RIOT, They must be punish, sorry is not enough. A legal action must be done.


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