Thursday, February 23, 2012

Biggest Crocodile all over the World / macklatestupdate

Latest Update about the Biggest Crocodile
Globally / macklatestupdate

A screenshots from GMA TV news
Another big story was seen on TV news not only here in Philippines, also on other country when a big salt water crocodile was caught on on Agusan  del Sur Philippines, September 4 2011. It is 21 feet long(6.4-meter-long) and 2,369-pound (1,075-kilogram) and suspected to be the biggest salt water crocodile globally. Lolong was said to be approximately 50 yrs old now. And it shake the world of press and news.
A record holder world biggest salt-water-crocodile was only 17.97-feet-long (5.48-meter-long) which is almost 3.3 feet shorter than lolong the newly salt-water crocodile which caught in Philippines. Lolong was named after with the person who caught it.
The  Guinness Book of World Records team went to Philippines to have more information about lolong and also to measure it, so that it can  be put on record. And the team was amaze that there still much bigger salt water crocodile other than from their record. and it measured of 21 feet long. The team was confirm that it is  the biggest or largest crocodile but lolong must wait up to 6 months to officially put it on records.
Some biologist was amaze on lolong that still now a days there are still big salt-water other than from the record. Like Allan Woodward a biologist which said that. "There's never been a crocodile longer than approximately 18 feet [5.5 meters]," , of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. "That would be an exceptional jump.".
It is one things that mades Philippines popular. Also some biologist said that the diversity of those kind of animals was preserve that is why these kind of animals was getting big as they are. Also it is said that there was still more bigger than lolong on Agusan Philippines and they are still haunting it. They said that maybe the wife of lolong will be more bigger that him.
Lolong now was on crocodile zoo in Philippines to study more. And also to treat some of its wounds which made when it was caught.



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