Monday, February 27, 2012

Train Your Dog at Home Part 1/ macklatestupdate

Learn the Basic Rules when you are in training session with your dog / puppy 

We start from the 1st thing that a puppy must learn 1st. One of the basic problem with some puppies that a master must train is that " how puppy stop from biting". Sometimes we as owner are always get angry when some of our slippers,  such garments or even child toys are always biting with your puppy/dog. So in-order to stop that problem the puppies must undergo some training session.  But first I'll give you a sort of information on how to take care puppies behavior or rules must be follow when you are in you puppies/dog training session.

credit to : Ketan Mukherjee
1) Don't hurt or hit your puppy such as in face or in body, it may not help. Puppy could become afraid of you or think that it will be okay to hurt anyone. And may lead your puppy to much bigger problem than just nipping.

2) Always discourage the puppy negative behavior and encourage the positive behavior.

3) If you are in training session or you stopping puppy from biting, never play with your puppy just like tug of war, wrestling or to chase it. your puppy may think that your playing with it, and may lead it to think that it's okay to play while in training.

4) It your training session, always insist to your puppy to always do those line up training steps. And also always train your dog on which is anyone who ever interact with it your puppy will always stick to the golden rule.

5) Always let puppy remember that biting is bad or unacceptable behavior. And you must do such things on how puppy remember that as always. You might give him food or such gift if he did such acceptable things.

6) Let your puppy know that your always the master. Don't make puppies or dog dominant you.



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