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Kabang another Incredible Things / macklatestupdate

Kabang Incredible Did / macklatestupdate

macklatestupdate about kabang----
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Hi guys, I'm sorry if you felt late in updating my story about Kabang, its just like that I am too busy this last days.  But no need to worry gonna keep you updating on Kabangs story. The dog that saves two kids lives.
Guys, another unbelievable thing that Kabang help on his master. Have you ever imagine that saving 2 kids lives was not the only things that kabangs help on its master? Yesterday on the latest news update, by Kabangs popularity, its master named Rudy found his mother again which they separated for so long.
Rudy's mother went to DSWD after she watched on TV news about Kabangs story and find that Rudy is really shes long lost child. The DSWD immediately go to Kabang's place and ask Rudy if the picture on their phone really his mother and happily Rudy answer a big YES. You can not ease the happiness on Rudy's face.
Next day will be expecting his mother to be there, with the DSWD team.
Rudy was proudly tell us that Kabang has now another playmates puppies which is given on him from his friends.
Another touch-full story that I've found out that Kabang only came from a trashcan, It is very small cute puppy, and Kabang still don't eat when its master found it. Rudy have to buy milk and let it drink. It is maybe the reason why Kabang never think about its self when it saves the lives of the kids. Maybe Kabang said that its life is nothing when it was not found by Rudy. So by means of saving those two kids that was the way that Kabang can say "THANK YOU FOR TAKING CARE OF ME ".
And also because of its heroic did, the Phil. K-9 club is invited to have appreciation of what it did.
Dr. Nelson Donato also said that he will be the one to make prosthetic of Kabang upper lip, and many other are expected to help.


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