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Train Your Dog At Home Part 2 / macklatestupdate

Stop Your Puppy/Dog from Bitting

Part II is all about on how to stop your Puppy/Dog from Biting

credit to : Ketan Mukherjee
Biting is one of the basic headaches of a dog master that a master must overcome. If you can see, biting maybe natural for a dog / puppies. Since a puppy was birth after a months you can see your puppy that are already biting your slippers or anythings. So in order to stop or limit this kinds of habit, the puppy must be train since it is young. So by means of this I'll gonna give you some steps to do on how to train your puppies or dog to stop or limit biting.

So we start from the goal on how to control or limit the force of your puppies / dog on biting. In this situation if ever your puppy bite you or some other person or things, the damage will be minimize. So lets do it now.

1) It is important that as early as you see the biting habit of your puppies / dog training must be done. So you'll need to give such as chew bone or such chewing toy, that will be the replace thing instead of biting flesh or such slippers or etc.

2) Another thing, you and your dog must have a training interaction. Example of that is your puppy / dog are nipping or biting you,and you will react that you are getting hurt with a voice ouch. So the dog may reflect that nipping can hurt you as their master.
Also when your puppy / dog try to bite you, stop playing with your puppy / dog for a while. By doing that puppy / dog may think that they did such bad things.

3) Teach your dog a simple command, like example stop it, no, don't, leave it etc. And if anyone of this are followed by you puppies or dog always give a reward, and say very good, other wise they will not get the rewards. So that the dog will know the difference of acceptable and  unacceptable behavior.

4) The best one is, Have some gloves and put it such undesirable taste on it and let your puppy bite. By this way your puppy will put on its mind not to bite or biting don't have a good taste.

5) This one is only applicable for Old puppy ( 4 months above ), Try to put a pinch or choke collar on your puppy every time they are biting. And let it stay for a moment of time.
By means of that, you are teaching your puppy / dog to stop biting at all. and soon your dog will discover that biting is undesirable behavior.
(note this punishment is not fair, hope that you'll not use up to this steps of training)


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