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Ways of the Dogs as Mans Bestfriend / macklatestupdate

Dog and People / macklatestupdate

credit to : Ketan Mukherjee
Can you imagine a world without dogs? Most people would find that hard to do. Dogs are an important part of so many people lives. Catching criminals, guiding people who are blind, and providing companionship are just few of the many things that dogs can do. They are a very special kind of animals because they live and work so closely with human beings. Dogs as we know them today did not exist.

We will never know for certain how dogs and people first came together. Dogs depend on human beings for their food, shelter, and safety. Dogs give a great deal in return. Depending on its individual abilities, it can learn to perform many remarkable tasks that aid people.



Dogs help people in many important ways. People who are blind, deaf or who use a wheelchair can be helped by these dogs to achieve greater independence in their daily lives. A seeing-eye dog can safely lead a person who is blind from place to place. A dog trained to aid a person who uses a wheelchair can help by picking up dropped objects. Dogs that aid people in these ways are very special. 

If you see a person using a dog for assistance, remember that the dog is working and must use all its senses to help its handler. Do not pet the dog or distract it any way.You may greet or touch the dog only if it is allowed by the handler.



Dogs have excellent hearing. They can hear sounds at a much greater distance that humans can. Perhaps, the most developed sense that a dog has is its sense of smell. Dogs are famous for their “good noses”. They can detect the faintest scent many days or even a long time that the source of the scent is removed. 



Barkling is the most familiar sound a dog makes. It is often used as a warning, such as when there is a knock at the door or when a stranger approaches. Barkling can also mean that the dog is aggressive and is looking for a fight.Some barks from the same dog can sound more high-pitched than others. 

These barks means that the dog needs help, such as when it is standing at the back door waiting to be let into the house. Other high-pitched barks means that the dog is trying to avoid a fight and it doesn't want to be hurt.

Growling is usually used by dogs as a serious warning. It may mean “Stay away” or “I’m going to bite you”. Some dogs growl when they play roughly. Howling is an interesting, sometimes beautiful sound that many dogs are able to make.

Dogs also whimper and whine. These sound mean that the dog needs something or they are hurt. Sometimes dogs whimper when their owners return home, especially after a long absence. These sound means “Please notice me” or “I missed you”. 



Other dogs also help people less dramatic ways. Dogs can lift the spirits of people who may feel ill, alone, or unhappy. A dog’s companionship is something that many people take for granted. But for those who are in a hospital or an other health-care facility, visiting with a dog can bring many important benefits.

Petting and cuddling a dog has been shown to lower people’s blood pressure and pulse rate, which in turn can improve heart function. Curiously, stroking a dog can have the opposite effect on people who are in an unconscious stage. Their blood pressure and pulse rate go up, helping to restore consciousness.

It is not difficult to have our own dogs because they are easily get our attention because they really feel that we are concern and having care for them. Being with a dog makes you feel good. Dogs do a great deal to serve their human owners, but people also do great deal to help dogs. With good care, Keep in mind that a dog is a living creature that will become attached to you and your home. A DOG IS A FRIEND THAT LIVE WITH YOU FOR MANY YEARS. 







We used to have a dog but sadly it died. I really want to have a husky or an akita now

They are part of the creation and are very helpful. We never had a dog but some relatives did.

Don't know how, but i can say dog is such a special creation to be with us..... =)

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