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Raising Puppy / macklatestupdate

Raising your Puppy / macklatestupdate

On the first day of your puppy at home, a puppy must be train or teach slowly the two basic training, which are " behavioral and obedience training ". As soon as your puppy getting old, the harder of training comes, so as soon as possible you must raise you puppy with a proper training.

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As time goes by, the type of its attitude also depends on it's master. If you are patient enough to train your puppy for just an hour every day or teach your puppy on how to behave well, so I can say when your puppy get old it will be a smart Dog.

It is essential for a Dog trainer or master to be patient. You must learn what's the puppy feeling, or to know if puppy already getting bored. As a master always put in your mind that puppy can't learn things in just a blink of an eye. It takes days, weeks, or sometimes months. So it is much better that your training session must be your regular habit.
Always consider a new puppy that it don't know where to po-po or don't know what they are biting. So expect that kind of behavior. In-order for a puppy to know where to po-po, always teach your puppy where is the po-po place and you must also know when is the time which the puppy will po-po and bring it to the po-po place. For a bad biting habit you have to give a chewing toy or chewing bone for your puppy so that it would not bite other things. And don't forget to say bad or good dog every time they did such kinds of behaviors. Another thing is teach your puppy which is her place and its boundaries.

Also, Don't hurt your puppy when they did such unacceptable behavior. It will lead your puppy to be afraid on you or such other humans. Instead, say bad and don't play with it for a while. 
The most important for a puppy which is newly home, is to know that you are the master, and teach it to socialize, not to be afraid on somebody. Always do such lovingly touch. If you don't actively socialized your puppy it may lead to be afraid on somebody  just like men, or such children. These fears can actively get on its defensive thoughts which is to bark, become aggressive, stress and generally can lead to unhappy dog. 

All those things must be understand for a puppy owner. And as your puppy getting older, let socialization and such simple training must be continue. 







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