Thursday, March 15, 2012

Japan a Year after Tsunami and Earthquake

Year After a Scary Tsunami and Earthquake in Northern Japan

credit : YOKO KUBOTA 
A tremendous scary shouts, cries for helps, dead bodies scattered everywhere, millions of money was washout and buildings went down when an undescribable natural calamity happened last year in Japan. Remembering an intensity 9 earthquake and followed by several numbers of strong after shocks which drive the see water to flash its almost 75 foot tsunami waves that lead a total destruction. Such devastating calamity which kills thousands of people. A destruction not only in the place but also on the minds of all people who have witnesses that kind of calamity. Almost of people who witness are suffering phobia, reason to permanently move to another place.
The psychological effect on all really need time to rebuild.
Last March 11, 2012 was its destruction anniversary. The Residents of Ofunato gathered and made an altar on beside of the calm, sun-flecked sea . Ofunato paused again 33 minutes later -- the time when a year ago a 23-metre (75-foot) tsunami engulfed the town of 41,000.
Just a half-mile a way from the the tokyo, the
Tokyo Electric Power Company's (Tepco) wrecked Fukushima plant is located. The power plant is powered with a nuclear power and after the earthquake and tsunami the nuclear reactor meltdown effecting to be a nuclear crisis in the world
But is happening in Japan now after this strategy?

After a year, a progress has been made in recovery, many of buildings had been reconstructed. A river that flash the whole City are staying calm just like nothing happen. But the destruction that it was done are still marking on the City. Actually, still many of City residents are still not staying on their home, some of them are staying on their relatives, friends or on their temporary homes. The City government are still striving for their financial status to bring back the beauty of their City.
But the most unforgettable things are the memories of those relatives, friends, and even love ones which have  been dead and their bodies are still not find. They made their bodies to be buried on their own City.






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